Terms of reference

Membership, Aims, Terms of Reference & Management Membership

Membership of UCSF is open to:
  • People in universities or other institutes of higher education who have a chemical safety role in their institution.
  • Others who could either benefit from membership of UCSF or contribute to it, at the discretion of the UCSF Management Group.
Membership of UCSF allows the member to:
  • Attend UCSF meetings, typically held twice a year
  • Sign up and contribute to the CHEMSAFNET online discussion forum.
  • Access to the UCSF website.
Members of UCSF must respect the anonymity of the source of any information received through UCSF, specifically:
  • Information gained though the UCSF meetings or CHEMSAFNET can only be used anonymously, there can be no attribution to the institution, any people involved, or the person reporting the information.
  • This rule does not apply if the information is publically available outside the UCSF group, or if the person passing on the information agrees for attribution to be allowed.
Aims: The main aim of UCSF is to facilitate the improvement of chemical safety in the university sector by:
  • Promoting discussion, debate, and communication amongst its membership.
  • By helping spread best practice on chemical safety
  • By liaison with other professional or regulatory organisations which can have a role in chemical safety in the university sector, and representing UCSF members’ views to them, thus improving standards in chemical safety in the sector.
  • By promotion of chemical health and safety skills amongst the membership.
Terms of Reference
  • UCSF is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of members who have role in chemical safety in the university and higher education sector.
  • UCSF’s aim is to promote health & safety, with respect to chemicals, in the university and higher education sector.
  • UCSF covers chemical safety in universities and other similar higher education establishments.
  • Dissolution of UCSF can only be by a ballot of the membership achieving a two-thirds majority, with a ballot instigated by half the membership contacting the Secretary to request a vote. In the event of a vote for dissolution, any remaining UCSF funds will be donated to the RSC Benevolent Fund.

Management of UCSF

UCSF is organised by the UCSF Management Group, in line with the forum’s aims and terms of reference. Members of UCSF Management Group must be members of UCSF.

The UCSF Management Group and its members are responsible for:
  • Organisation of UCSF meetings (typically twice a year) in conjunction with local organisers, by identifying suitable hosts, speakers and topics.
  • Maintaining the CHEMSAFNET online discussion forum.
  • The maintenance of the UCSF website.
  • Communication with the UCSF membership to keep them engaged.
  • Liaising with appropriate outside organisations and representing UCSF at their meetings.
  • The authorisation of documents issued under the UCSF name.
  • Publishing agendas and minutes of the Management Group meetings and budget summaries to the UCSF membership. The UCSF Management Group may on behalf of UCSF, and where appropriate and without conflicting with UCSF’s aims, integrity, and interests: comment on, for example, legislation, approved codes of practice, codes of practice, guidance notes, consultative documents, health & safety policy within the sector, and other issues raised in the wider health & safety field.
  • Liaise with other health and safety organisations, where appropriate, to further UCSF’s aims.
  • seek sponsorship to assist it in the running of UCSF.
The management of UCSF is decided at meetings of the Management Group, which will meet typically twice a year. Decisions will be by:
  • majority vote of those management group members attending
  • a quorum is two thirds of its membership in addition to two of the three posts of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • the Chair has a casting vote in the event of a tie.
  • Between Management Group meetings, the Chair can take or approve decisions, in line with the overall aims of UCSF.

UCSF Management Group Roles

The UCSF chair is responsible for:
  • Chairing UCSF Management Group meetings.
  • Acting as a spokesperson for UCSF.

The Secretary is responsible for:
  • Maintaining the UCSF membership list.
  • Maintaining records of UCSF management group meetings and circulation of agendas and other documents prior to these meetings.
  • Publishing Management Group minutes and agendas on the UCSF website.
  • Running online ballots for management group posts.
  • Deputising for the Chair if needed.
  • Managing UCSF’s financial accounts and ensuring annual financial statements are produced for approval at the UCSF Summer meeting.
  • Managing UCSF’s bank account.
  • Receiving membership subscriptions.
  • Organising the funding of meetings.
  • Dealing with UCSF’s expenses and ensuring prompt payment.
Events Coordinator
  • Coordinating meetings and assisting local organisers
  • Coordinating the identification of meeting locations, speakers & themes
Web Coordinator
  • Maintaining the CHEMSAFNET e-mail list
  • Coordinating the maintenance of the website
Web Developer
  • Work with the web coordinator in the development and maintenance of the website.
Communications Coordinator
  • Work with the Chair to raise awareness of UCSF within the group, in Universities, and externally
Local Organisers
  • The two local organisers would have a vote during their involvement of the two MG meetings 
Past Chair
  • Continues to serve on UCSF Management Group for one year after ceasing as Chair to support the Management Group and current Chair.
Other UCSF members may be identified to join the management group by the Chair, with subsequent approval by the Management Group, as members without portfolio, or with specific named roles.

Election of UCSF Management Group Members
Management Group post holders listed above will be chosen by election with:
  • The Secretary circulating CHEMSAFNET for nominations or expressions of interest for posts becoming due.
  • Vote held by e-mail return to the Secretary if more than one applicant for each post received.
  • Duration of tenure for all committee posts is three years (except for past chair).*
  • ndividuals may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Review of Membership, Aims, Terms of Reference & Management
  • This document shall be reviewed by the UCSF Management Group every three years, with any proposed changes going to the UCSF membership for discussion and approval.
  • N.B. For the period 2013 to 2017, terms of office can be varied by the UCSF Management Group by up to one year to minimise the number of Management Group Members changing at the same time