The University Chemical Safety Forum is a not for profit group with the aim of promoting chemical safety in the university sector by:
  • Promoting discussion, debate, and communication amongst its membership
  • Spreading best practice on chemical safety
  • Promoting chemical health and safety skills amongst the membership
UCSF holds meetings, typically twice a year, where members and guest keynote speakers discuss a wide variety topics related to chemical safety in university education and research

UCSF also has an online discussion forum, CHEMSAFNET, where members can ask and answer questions on topics of current concern

UCSF is open to everyone in universities or other institutes of higher education with a chemical safety role

For more information or to join UCSF email


The 25th UCSF meeting will be at:

  • Durham University
  • Wednesday 18th March 2020
  • Sponsored by Asecos and LabCup
For more information see: Future Meetings